A fully automated auction site for your
Fantasy Baseball or Football leagues.



The following services are included with your league membership.

  • Commissioners
    • Choose from many different options when setting up your leagues - min/max player salaries, bid amounts, contract lengths up to 7 years, etc.
    • Modify league options and settings at any time during your season.
    • Add or remove your league's teams, and existing rosters can be added.
    • Adjust team rosters at any time - add, remove, or trade players.
    • Turn on/off player trades and contract buyouts.
    • Activate players into the auction, control the duration of auctions.
    • Start or stop the auction clocks at any time.
    • Modify team salary caps or existing funds at any time.
  • Automated Auction
    • Constantly shows live player auctions - highest bids, bid histories, time remaining, etc.
    • Can use auction clocks or no timers - your choice.
    • Controls minimum and maximum restrictions when bidding on players.
    • Monitors team salary caps when bidding - prevents from going over cap.
    • E-mails team owners when auctions have started and ended.
    • E-mails team owners when they have been outbid on any player.
    • Assigns players to team of highest bidder when auctions end.
    • Adjusts team funds when players are signed.
    • Records all finished auctions - assigned teams, final bids, time ended, etc.
    • Auction clocks can reset when bids are submitted - prevents last second bids.


    The fee is $75.00 per year, with no limit on the number of teams in your league.

    To take a test drive of the site, you can log in as a commissioner to a test league and do whatever you'd like - add some teams, start/end some auctions, etc. Enter this site and use the following login:
    Username: test@fantasyauction.net
    Password: test



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